Monday, October 24, 2016

National Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (NCACC 2016) on October 22 &23, 2016.

The developments in the field of Engineering and Technology have made enormous contributions in all walks of life. The world consists of a large number of natural and man-made systems which has paved the way for innovation and creativity. The field of Electronics, Communication and Computer science is not far behind in this race. The ever increasing restrictions in power, space, Industrial Automation and biomedical instrumentation is a cue to set up a new era in which communication tools, Control system algorithms and Digital signal processing applications have to be embedded with VLSI techniques for attaining better results. These needs are the real inspirational force behind NCACC. The departments of E&CE of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar, Karnataka is elated to organize the National Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (NCACC 2016) on October 22 &23, 2016.

This conference is organized in association with International Journal for Scientific Research and Development (IJSRD). The conference aims at creating awareness of recent developments in thrust areas such as Communication, VLSI, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Antenna Design and Applications and Industrial Automation. It is a confluence of Scientists, Engineers and Practitioners of all areas of electronics and communication which offers solution for practical and industrial problems through the exchange of ideas and convergence of technology.
We received a total of 80 full-paper submissions from different states of the country. All papers were subjected to a rigorous review process. A total of 15 reviewers participated in the review and paper selection. After deliberation, 51 papers were selected based on the recommendations of the review committee. This equates to an acceptance rate of 63.75%.

Eminent scientists and professors have been invited to deliver Plenary Sessions in the conference, which will enlighten us with their enormous acquaintance in the field during various sessions of the conference. The invited speakers will bring to light the cutting edge technologies in various areas so that the participants may benefit from this technical gorge. Foreseeing that this Special Issue will enhance the knowledge and understanding in the use of latest technologies, this will act as a catalyst for further research activities. We owe the success of this conference to all those who rendered their valuable time, energy and resources at various levels. We are happy to place on record the cooperation, support and guidance received from all quarters. We would like to thank all the reviewers, authors, session chairs and the participants for their active participation in molding this conference into a rich technical forum.

Dr.Ravindra.V.Eklarker Convener
Prof. Veerendra.D   Chief Organizing Secretary         
Dr.Kishan Singh Chief Organizing Secretary

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